Nobody talks about the moist turkey!

Posted by pbeckman at 10:32 AM on Nov 17, 2020


Nobody talks about the moist turkey

You may have expected amazing party tips and advice here. It will appear in this blog from time to time, but, what I really want to talk about is the way parties unfold and “**it happens” when you entertain.  During the 35 years I have spent in the party business I have come to the conclusion that...  


Let me explain: Have you ever said this?

 ” Remember the Thanksgiving when the turkey was so moist and the pies were to die for”? 

Heck no! We talk about the turkey that was still frozen when it came out of the oven or the time it fell on the floor. We talk about Uncle Bismark getting drunk and cutting his finger when he carved the bird. We talk about the time Aunt Susie got her apron stuck in the oven door and scorched her bangs. We never talk about the time the bride looked perfect or when the DJ played all the right songs.  We talk about the DJ that never showed, the bride that tripped walking down the aisle and the cake that was left out in the rain…. (My apologies to MacArthur park.)

Early in my planning career I obsessed over every detail and I still do.  I have learned to be Zen however about the absurdities the universe can deal out. I want to let everyone know it is really OK if something unexpected happens at your party.  I MEAN IT! It will be ok! And, it will become a story you tell forever. Sure, at the time it was excruciating, but short of somebody being hurt, all of the other foibles and mishaps that happen are like scars. They are a reminder of life being lived to the fullest. No one will ever remember the perfect outfit you wore or your amazing hairdo, but they will forever retell the story of the time something crazy happened and they will laugh about it with family and friends. The story will be embellished throughout the years and develop a life of its own. That is something a perfect party will NEVER EVER have.

So, this blog, NOBODY talks about the moist turkey, is my salute to the ups and downs, crazy and odd, weird and wonderful things that have happened at parties during my career in this business.  I hope you enjoy.  Feel free to retell these stories or better yet let me know about your interesting mishaps, because trust me, it is the tale of the scars that make the most interesting and memorable stories.